The modern woman on her wedding day

Be you
— Alli Oughtred- Hello May ad- 2014

This was my first branding in Hello May, way back when I started

I wrote BeYOU and some pictures I had taken at friends weddings, moments that seemed special as they arose out of the intimacy of the moment. They weren't necesarily 'wedding images"

I loved being involved

More people asked me to shoot their wedding

I went along, on the day I had no expectations, or no formula, these women became my muses, we worked together, liberating ourselves from the pressure to present ourselves in any particular way on their wedding day. Me as the photographer, and them as the subject. We discovered this together. My greatest teachers became my dear friends

143 weddings later

I love the intimacy of the whole thing

I still want to capture how beautiful I think women are, navigating this crazy day, just being themselves

I developed a shorthand...  just to ask myself, is this real... I like to say... "this is not holding hands in the sunset kinda stuff'

Videographers (only ever male) ask my brides to look down at their bouquet, I cringe; my women look to me for assistance, and yes I step in when required. No, she isn't going to be doing anything un-natural on their her wedding day. I ask the men, if they've ever thought about WHY they need to make a picture where she is looking down being demure like that, wtf is that???


I fell more and more in love with women

People loved the pictures of themselves and their loved ones loving them

I don't need to direct 

My work .. turns out it's called 'reportage'

Feels like documenting 'what is'

You don't even need to be the 'best version' of you or living your best life. Yuck

Just be you 

It's beautiful, it's rare, it's truly moving for me to witness

Thanks for listening





Alli Oughtred